Utah Core Curriculum for Keyboarding states, "The student will achieve minimum keyboarding competency on one- or two-minute timed writings.

  • Key at a minimum speed of 25 words per minute (WPM) on at least 3 one- or two-minute timings. 
  • Key at 2 or fewer errors per minute.   
  • Key without using the backspace/delete key on timings.

      In addition to their speed and accuracy as described above, students are judged on the following technique:
  • Feet placed on the floor
  • Body centered to the H key with elbows at sides
  • Sit up straight
  • Curved fingers over the home row keys
  • Wrists off the keyboard
  • Eyes on the printed copy
  • Key by touch with correct fingering
  • Key with a smooth rhythm
 The Typing Web online program is available for students to practice at home.

Dance Mat Typing

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