Here's an overview of 5th Grade for parents:  Parent Guide to 5th Grade

Parent Volunteers Needed!
Friday Morning Help  (We need parents to cover our classrooms every Friday morning from 8:25-9:15 to allow us some planning time. Parents will just need to supervise students reading and working on simple tasks. This is valuable time for us as teachers to discuss and plan activities that will help meet the needs of all learners.)

Halloween Party  

Fieldtrip to JA City

(We will need 30 parents to help us with this fieldtrip. There will be some training prior to attending. They will also need to have a background check and be approved by Jordan School District.)

 Valentine's Day

 Colonial Days 
(We will need a lot of volunteers to help us with our Colonial crafts.)

Spring "Tea" 
(Students will learn about manners and then dress in their finest attire and eat in Le Restaurant Magnifique {our decorated classroom}. I will need help from parents to decorate the room.

PTA info

National PTA
  Schedule Student/Parent/Teacher Conference

Student Grades

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