Students Need to Know the Multiplication/Division Facts BEFORE Starting 5th Grade!

Do you want to be prepared for the first week of school? Here's a quick review to get you ready. Go to Learn Zillion Learn Zillion   Click "I'm a student." (You do NOT need an account.) Click on "Quick Code".  Type in one of the following codes to watch a lesson. There are 4 lessons that will help you review and prepare for the first week of school.


What should kids know BEFORE starting 5th grade4th Grade Math  Parent Guide Parent Guide HERE

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This is a great website for practicing all of the fifth grade math skills. It's fun and informative!

Khan Academy, Ten Marks, and Learn Zillion have excellent video tutorials about any math subject. Parents and students are encouraged to use this resource as a homework help.
Khan Academy
Ten Marks
Learn Zillion

Homework Help for Fifth Graders
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Parent Guide for 5th Grade 5th Grade Parent Guide

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