Language Arts/Writing

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Fifth Graders will need to know the Parts of Speech
Learn a rap or the songs to help you.


A noun is a person, place or thing:
like guy or school or playground swing.

A pronoun is a sub for nouns: like I and we,
him and he, she, her, it, them, they, you, me.

An adjective describes those two:
which one? what kind? how many? whose?

A verb is an action or being kind of thing:
eat, walk, were, be, shout, and sing.

An adverb gives more information:
how? when? where? why? That's this part's definition.

Prepositions pull nouns into a phrase:
in, on, under, with, around, above, hey!

Conjunctions connect words, phrases, or clauses:
if, also, but, since, for, as, because.

And interjections- Yes! Wow! Yo!
Strong feelings are what they let you know!

So now that we have this rhymin' rap,
Parts of speech will be a snap!