Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Science Vocabulary

Science Vocabulary-

attract: to draw together

battery: a device that generates electricity by combining certain chemicals

complete circuit:  a connected pathway through all the parts of circuit

conductor: materials that allow electricity to pass through them easily

current electricity: flow of electricity

incomplete circuit:  a circuit with a gap through which electricity cannot

insulator: materials that do not allow electricity to pass through them

load: an item that uses electricity; for example, a light bulb or fan

pathway:  a course through which electricity can flow

power source: a device that supplies electricity to a circuit such as a batter, a solar cell, or a generator

repel: to push apart

static electricity: the collection of electrical energy (a charge) in one spot

switch:  a device that immediately changes a circuit from complete to incomplete

compass:  an instrument used to determine geographic direction on Earth

electromagnetism:  the magnetism produced when an iron core is magnetized by an electric current passing through a wire that is coiled around an iron core

magnetic field: an area around a magnet where the magnetic force exists

magnetic force: the push or pull of a magnet on another magnetic material

natural magnet: iron ore called magnetite that is naturally magnetized by Earth's magnetic field

permanent magnet: an object that keeps its magnetism after it has been magnetized

properties:  qualities or characteristics

repel:  push apart

temporary magnet:  a magnet that does not keep its magnetism